Vanessa S.


The Public is Not Safe
November 2020
After learning about the art of complaining, I thought about their personal experiences with police and the concept of public safety. Scarcity of resources also inhibits the ability to feel safe. Many facets of their identity and those of their larger community have not ensured safety. Particularly, the artist has felt discarded and cannot relate to the word “public” as defined by legal and governmental systems in the so-called United States. This piece reclaims this word to name the several communities that are targeted disproportionately by police and other quasi-authorities of supposed safety.

Community Vision Board
November 2020
This is an extension of a gratitude letter I made for a friend’s birthday, inspired by Christine Wong Yap’s gratitude letter project. I decided to blow up the artwork and make a collage. I have been thinking a lot about connections and community, as they are an integral part of mine. Some parts collage, some parts vision board, I mapped out what their connection represents for me as I continue to build foundational blocks for holding community and care for the many folks in my life. Part of building community is to continue imagining closeness and support. I made this collage out of magazines from the college where we met, symbolizing friendship, community, and fostering healthy connections.