Sam B.


Strength Together
October, 2020
“Togetherness and support,
breed pride and strength,
rise up together,
supporting our siblings,
in what matters.”
I made this during a time where I wanted to show my support and stand up for what’s right and use my art as my voice to make a change.

No Longer Caged
October, 2020
Most of my life I have felt caged and confined. This piece represents breaking free of things that hold you back, and having hope for the future.

Outside the Lines
October, 2020
My soul colors outside the lines
I don’t fit into neat and tidy boxes.
I am cracked but not broken
I’ll mend my wounds with solid gold
And come out more beautiful than before
My sense of self changes all the time
Sometimes I look in the mirror
and don’t know who’s looking back
Still I grow and expand
To share the colors inside me
A portrait of someone still growing
Unusual but beautiful
My soul colors outside the lines